Join the 2019 TEDxToronto Team!

This year, we are recruiting for positions on our core organizing team, including marketing, creative, partnerships, project management, speaker coaching, bookkeeping and accounting.

As a non-profit, we are all volunteers, contributing our time towards creating a truly inspiring and memorable experience for our conference delegates.

We draw our talent from the community.  And that means you. Our past teams have all gotten involved by attending our events, getting inspired and e-mailing us to get involved. How to apply:

  • Send your resume and cover letter to by Sunday, February 17 
  • Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile or website (if applicable)
  • Include your position of interest and name in the subject line

Marketing Director

Core Team Position, 10-15 hours/week (may increase closer to conference)

Are you passionate about how organizations connect with the people they serve? Join our core team as Marketing Director, and you’ll be responsible for framing how TEDxToronto is presented to the world. The responsibilities of this role include:

  • All conference communications & promotions
  • Manage website content, updates
  • Secure photographers & provide shot list for conference & other events
  • Work with community outreach to promote events leading up to, and after the conference
  • Manage advertising and PR deadlines
  • Manage digital projects with partners

Creative Director

Core Team Position, 10-15 hours/week (may increase closer to conference)

Do you dream of creating visual identities for organizations? As Creative Director for TEDxToronto, you’ll be in charge of building the visual identity that we show the world. From theme branding to venue decor, to advertising and volunteer t-shirts – the world is your oyster. You’ll be recruiting a team of skilled designers, and together, here’s what you’ll be building:

  • Conference & theme branding
  • Venue decor (including signage)
  • Stage design
  • Badge design
  • Advertising design
  • Social media Graphics & any/all graphics
  • Speaker slides
  • Printed program design
  • Team & volunteer t-shirt design
  • UX & audience experience

Partnerships Director (2)

Core Team Position, 10-15 hours/week (may increase closer to conference)

Do you dream about helping showcase exciting brands and partnerships at events? Join our team as Director of Partnerships and you’ll be in charge of curating a diverse set of partners to activate TEDxToronto. Responsibilities include: 

  • Secure cash & in-kind partners and sponsors for the conference, after-party, volunteer party and innovators dinner
  • Support partners with activation ideas, development
  • Manage partner ticket allocation & RSVP’s for conference
  • Source speaker & performer gifts
  • Manage post-conference reporting to all partners

Project Manager

Core Team Position, 5-10 hours/week (may increase closer to conference)

Do you dream of helping people get and stay organized? Are you the person who loves to be in the background – but not really in the background, making sure everything is running well? Join our team as Project Manager, and you’ll be supporting the entire organization, holding our master calendar, coordinating our meetings, and overseeing our budget and ticketing processes. Responsibilities include:

  • Master calendar
  • Team meetings (agenda, locations, actions etc.)
  • Conference ticketing — from initial sales, backend and confirmation/allocation (with support from marketing)
  • Manage expenses and reimbursement
  • Manage requests from delegates and the general public in regards to conference and ticketing
  • Plan core team retreat

Programming Team Member
(Speaker Coaching & Curation)

Programming Team Position, 4 hours/week (may increase closer to conference)

Are you excited by the idea of finding people with incredible “ideas worth spreading” from across the GTA, and working closely with them to develop their talks? We’re looking for empathetic, curious minds to join our programming team. You’ll be responsible for contributing to curating a diverse, fascinating group of speakers, and coaching 1-2 of them, developing their talk from idea, to outline, to on-stage performance!  Note – you don’t need to have experience coaching speakers – just a warm, caring and curious approach to the world!  Responsibilities include:

  • Curation: review community nominations and help curate speakers from the GTHA community over March-June
  • Coaching: coach 1-2 speakers over July-October
  • Attend programming team meetings (bi-weekly) during curation and coaching
  • Pair up with other team members as necessary in Sept/Oct to help speakers finalize their talks

Delegate Experience Director

Core Team Position, 10-15 hours/week (may increase closer to conference)

Do you dream of creating incredible experiences for people? Smile when an organization gets just gets customer service perfectly? Join our team as Delegate Experience Director, and your job will be helping translate our vision of an amazing conference experience to reality. You’ll be scanning the world to see what other TED and non-TED conferences do well, and working across our Logistics, Partnerships and other core team members to deliver that incredible experience. Responsibilities include:

  • Learning about best practises from other TED and non-TED conferences
  • Reviewing delegate feedback surveys from past years and identifying opportunities for focus
  • Identifying a series of things we can do in 2019 to build an amazing delegate experience, and working across Logistics, Partnership and other core teams to – translate those ideas into reality.


Finance Team Position, 3 hours/week (may increase closer to and after conference)

Are you a stickler for accuracy and knowledgeable about all things numbers? You’ll be the go-to-person for recording all financial transactions. Responsibilities include:

  • Processing invoices, receipts, payments
  • Managing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Maintaining and balancing general ledgers and historical accounts


Finance Team Position, 3 hours/week (may increase closer to and after conference)

Do you love to crunch numbers? Calling all pro’s who can balance our books, and lead us through tax season. Must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing financial statements
  • Analyzing cost of operations
  • Completing income tax returns