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5 Facts About This Year’s Conference Host, Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley width=

Photo by Sophia Lemon.

We are honoured to welcome Drew Dudley back as the host of TEDxToronto 2015. A true talent in the art of communication and leadership, Drew is a driving force in both the TED and TEDx communities.

Many of you may be familiar with Drew’s journey, however here are five things you might not know:

  1. He is a real staple in the TEDx community. Since his first TEDx presentation at TEDxToronto in 2010, he has gone on to appear as a speaker at eight other TEDx events around the world (watch them here TEDxToronto remains his home, and TEDxToronto 2015 marks his third appearance as the conference host.
  2. He has descended from quite the line of rogues. It seems a number of his family ancestors conspired to usurp the throne of England (“Game of Thrones”-style) in 1553, following the death of Edward VI. In fact, they pulled it off for…nine days. Unfortunately, the rightful Queen didn’t take this particularly well, and it was “off with a few Dudley heads” shortly thereafter. Still, if approximately 1843 people in the royal line of succession die, there’s a possibility Drew will be the next King of England.
  3. Unable to settle on a name for his company, Drew had a friend suggest that he “just write down a list of his absolute favourite words, and pick one of those.” Nuance came out on top after the following just didn’t seem to work: Arugala Leadership, Panache Leadership, and Omphaloskepsis Leadership (he loves that this word exists).
  4. Now a world-renowned speaker, Drew performs 150 talks annually, spends 250 days per year on the road, and travels over 240,000km in the air.
  5. He chooses a different city in which to live every four months, so almost everything he owns can fit in his beloved car “Cordelia”. Unfortunately his “disturbingly large stuffed penguin collection for a grown man” must live in storage as a result, although his collection of over 20 fedoras does travel with him.
  6. Experience the magic of TEDxToronto on October 22nd by tuning into our live feed, on our website. For all the latest TEDxToronto news and announcements, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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