Announcing the TEDxToronto 2016 Conference Theme // Speaker and Performer Nominations Open

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Our world is filled with symbols and signals; some are overt, such as speech, text and gestures – and some are less obvious, such as patterns, icons and social cues – all helping us to communicate and navigate our lives. Symbols drive you to wonder, while signals lead you to wander.

Introducing TEDxToronto 2016: Symbols + SignalsSymbols and signals provide information that guides our actions, our feelings and our choices. Often, we are oblivious to these inputs, yet they influence our daily decisions, and help us provide clarity to others. Symbols and signals can be traced back to the very first cave drawings, and have evolved with us over time to become a universal language that we share across the entire human species. Every aspect of life on this planet can be translated to a symbol or a signal, invoking our curiosity and serving as a catalyst for understanding.

At TEDxToronto, we aim to shine a light on the talent that lies within our communities, and the big ideas that exist among us. We are inviting you to nominate speakers and performers to take the stage at our 2016 conference. Nominations can be submitted here until May 8, 2016, at 11:59pm.

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