Applications and Nominations for 2013 Speakers, Performers, and Demos – Closes May 15

With Spring upon us, it’s a time for fresh news and fresh thinking.

As such, we’re asking for your help in discovering speakers, performers, and demos that should be considered to appear on stage at TEDxToronto 2013.

In the past 5 years that TEDxToronto has been active, seven of our talks have made it onto And one of the key reasons that TEDxToronto has been able to continually deliver amazing TEDxTalks is the participation of the Toronto community in the nomination process.

What makes TEDxToronto so different from any other speaker series is its focus on ideas over speakers. While it’s certainly important to engage an audience and communicate an idea clearly, a TEDxTalk really begins not with the Speaker, but with their Big Idea. Case in point is Dr. Joseph Cafazzo who spoke on the subject of self-care at TEDxToronto 2012.

As a team, we canvas far and wide for speakers with a strong Toronto connection, but we need your help to ensure we don’t miss someone brilliant.

If you think you or someone you know would make a great speaker, performer, or provide a great demo, please APPLY TODAY


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