Step behind the scenes with our 2019 speakers

Step behind the scenes with our curation and coaching team as our speakers pass the mid-point of their four-month journey to transform their “idea worth spreading” into a talk for the TEDxToronto stage.

Great talks allow us to learn from a speaker’s experiences, and connect their unique stories to our own. Since July, our volunteer coaches have been working 1-on-1 with our speakers to help develop their core idea, and bring it to life through personal storytelling.

At key moments in this journey, we hold workshops to bring all our speakers and coaches together to help shape their talks, and connect to each other.

In our first workshop, we asked speakers and coaches to share an inflection point—a key moment that has shaped who they are today. Huddled in small groups, each person had a chance to share their story. As the stories unfolded, others would chime in to share similar experiences. As the time passed, these stories became more personal and more raw. Soon we were no longer a room of strangers, but were instead united through our common experiences of joy, hurt, discovery, and healing.

It’s these common experiences that unite us all—not just those in the room. It’s what enables us to connect with the people in our lives despite our differences in race, creed, gender identity, and beliefs. And these stories are what transform an ordinary talk into something extraordinary.

Each of our speakers has an “idea worth spreading” to share with you on October 26th—brought to life through their personal stories of discovery. Stories that will challenge how you think, feel, and inspire you to take action. We hope you’ll join us on October 26th.

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