Call for Community Nominations: We need you, Toronto!

The TEDxToronto Programming committee's mandate is to find and put on stage the best speakers and performers whose ideas represent the city of Toronto.

As you might guess, that can sometimes be a difficult process. Creating an event that embodies the diversity of Toronto comes with its own challenges and roadblocks. How do you find the best ideas from across an entire city? How do you ensure inclusivity? How do you break down doors, and start conversations with people and groups who have never heard of TED or TEDxToronto?

The Programming committee has been doing this for four years now and well, we like to think we're getting better every year. Over time, we have found new ways and strategies to connect with under-represented groups, individuals, and ideas.

That said, we still rely on our inspired and passionate community to help us fill the gaps in our programming. This is why Community Nominations are so vital to the process every year. Community Nominations are TEDxToronto’s way of giving Toronto the opportunity to help select and shape the ideas that go on stage every year. And each year, we push for more and more nominations because we know with a larger pool of applicants and nominations, the quality of the event can only improve.

So, TEDxToronto community: We need you! Whether you’re interested in speaking, or know someone who is working on this amazing “you have to see it!” idea, we want to know. You can do this by either filling out an application to speak, or filling out an application to nominate someone. We’d love to know more about the amazing work people are doing in:

– Finance
- Design
– Entrepreneurship
– And more!

In a bid to keep our speakers gender and ethnically balanced, we would love to see more Community Nominations from those who are female, from a minority group and/or any under-represented group.

So, what do you think, TEDxToronto community? Are you ready and willing to give us your best names and ideas? We would love to hear them.


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