Delegate Applications Now Open!

We're pleased to announce that delegate applications to attend TEDxToronto 2010 are now open.

There is no charge to attend as TEDx events are non-profit in the spirit of ideas worth spreading. However, in order to facilitate an objective allocation process, a short application is required in order to be part of the limited live audience. This also ensures that the calibre of your fellow delegates is high.


Why Apply?

You love TED. You watch it instead of TV. You reference TEDTalks in conversation.

And still, the TED experience extends beyond the talks. The audience members are rigorously vetted so that you are among a pool of authentic, intriguing and active individuals. The type of people you’ll meet at TEDxToronto are the sort of folks to keep an eye on, because you know they’re bound for great things.

Last year, delegates included the mayor, entrepreneurs, journalists, tech executives, artists, bloggers, students, professors and former TED speakers.


Who is a Typical TEDxToronto Attendee?

Our Audience Members:

  • • Come from diverse backgrounds
  • • Are leaders in their fields
  • • Don’t necessarily have fancy titles
  • • Appreciate art, science and remarkable ideas
  • • Attend for the love of TED – not to sell their product

Application Tips

  • • Understand what TEDxToronto is and the theme, A Call to Action
  • • Watch a few TEDTalks first for inspiration: new, vintage and most viewed
  • • Don’t sell your product or service
  • • Don't hesitate to brag
  • • Be your genuine self

Remember that you don’t need to be the CEO to attend, we’re just looking for authentic, passionate and inspired people.

To apply, please fill out an application here. Applications will close on August 6, 2010.

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