Delegate Series: Why I attend TEDxToronto // Once a year…

Special contribution by Mauer Chiarello


My favourite thing about going to TEDxToronto is that it pulls you from your daily routine and plunges you into a world you didn’t know existed – one where fascinating people are doing amazing – things that you didn’t even know needed doing. If you’re reading this, I’m confident that you have likely experienced a TED talk.There are thousands available to view at These (less than) 18 minute talks are inspirational, sometimes controversial, but always entertaining and hugely educational.  Because it’s a talk and not a presentation, the best ones feel like you are being told a story – and who doesn’t love a good story? is a terrific resource, but going to a TED or TEDx conference is so much more than the talks.The TEDxToronto conference is phenomenal. It is well-organized by volunteers who care, and there is a strong diversity of curated speakers. The conference day includes several breaks, where you can meet interesting attendees with whom you can further the discussions and help spread great ideas.  It is more engaging and interesting than any other conference I attend – and it’s also the one day a year that I keep my phone off for the entire day. It’s a guaranteed day free of Kimye and the other vacuous pursuits of our modern lives. Interspersed with all these talks are cutting edge, diverse forms of local entertainment to keep your brain firing on all cylinders!I always leave TEDxToronto feeling invigorated, excited, informed – and am able to find ways to channel that into my daily life whether at work where I run a small consulting firm or at play where I perform in a community orchestra. It helps me be a better citizen of the world.


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