FIT for TEDx: Tips for a Compelling Speaker and Performer Nomination

Tips for a Compelling Speaker and Performer Nomination

This year, we are enlisting the entire Toronto community in the search for our city’s innovators, changemakers, and disruptors. While TED was first introduced as a conference for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, topics of all disciplines are welcome. We encourage you to nominate speakers and performers of all walks of life, who you believe have ideas worth spreading.

The TEDxToronto community nominations are open until May 1st at 11:59 p.m. These nominations will be meticulously reviewed by our programming team and eventually culled down to 12 chosen speakers and 3 – 4 performers.

Never given a talk before? We’ve got you covered. Selected speakers and performers will each be assigned a professional coach who will work closely with them to prepare and develop their talk or performance. All the speakers, performers and coaches volunteer their time over the span of five months to ensure a memorable and impactful experience on conference day.

Just remember: FIT (Focus, Insight, Talent)

F for Focus:

The most important element of any TEDx Talk is to have an idea worth spreading. When submitting a speaker nomination, focus on one strong and defined core idea. When considering the core idea, draw connections from the nominee’s work, their life, and their experiences. Explain why you feel they should share this idea with the world and why TEDxToronto is the platform that it needs to be shared on. If you know someone that you would love to nominate but don't know what idea they may share, definitely submit the nomination and highlight their work experience.

I for Insight:

Ultimately, the talk should be about bringing forth a captivating idea that will move the audience to think, feel, or act differently. Not every talk and nominee needs to share a breakthrough idea that has never been conceived. Some of the best ideas are simple things that we all should know, but is shared in a rather brilliant way. New research, fresh content, and forward thinking insights into any subject matter are, nevertheless, embraced.

T for Talent:

Talent comes in all shapes and forms. Each individual has peculiar and particular talents that complement the TEDxToronto stage. Being a talented speaker is not a prerequisite to speaking or performing at a TEDx conference. When making your nominations, think of the individual's talents that helped foster their success.

Consider the 2017 TEDxToronto theme, Legacy when submitting a nomination.

There is no limit to the number of unique nominations you can make, so dig deep into your network of friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to amplify our reach within the community. We sincerely appreciate all the thought and care that goes into each submission. Stay updated on TEDxToronto announcements by following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – or sign up for our newsletter to receive emails from us directly.

Jeff Lohnes is a Co-Chair and the Director of Programming for TEDxToronto. Day to day, beyond programming at TEDxToronto, he is a partner at Jeff Jacobson Agency – a boutique speakers bureau representing and managing speakers in Canada and the U.S. So, it’s all speakers, all the time!

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