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Four more talks from TEDxToronto 2014


Photo of Sabrina Jalees, courtesy of The WestEnd Studio

 We are pleased to share with you the second round of talks and performances from the sixth annual TEDxToronto conference.


Ana Serrano: Life Inside the Bubble of a Virtual Reality World
Since the introduction of virtual reality (VR), technologists have struggled to design products and applications that draw users into digital worlds that are comparable to real-life experiences. As we progress towards the ability to tell stories by offering wholly immersive experiences for the user, we start to imagine what an entire industry devoted to the creation of virtual reality may look like in the near future. In this TEDxTalk, Ana Serrano extracts lessons learned from the explosion of the Internet over the past twenty years, and explains how these will help guide us in the creation of the virtual reality industry for the next twenty years. What can we learn from the way advertising and the public commons have changed online over time? How will this affect the VR world for the future? What risks does it present to the consumer? And how can we rectify it going forward? These are just a few of the thought-provoking questions she tackles during this talk.


Gabriela Mastromonaco: Why We Need Zoos
There are various schools of thought surrounding zoos and their purpose. Skeptics argue that it’s unethical to remove wild animals from their natural habitat to be put on display, but proponents of zoos stress that they serve a critical scientific purpose. In this TEDxTalk, Dr. Gabriella Mastromonaco explains that zoos play a vital role in preserving endangered species, and that they have a responsibility to explore the use of reproductive technologies to sustain animal populations that are currently threatened in the wild. Dr. Mastromonaco asks: If you had the opportunity to save an endangered species, would you just turn your back and walk away?


Sabrina Jalees: How Living More Honestly Leads to a Better Life
Throughout history, comedians have used humor to shed light on subjects that are typically considered to be uncomfortable or taboo. In this TEDxTalk, comedian Sabrina Jalees approaches topics like racism and sexuality as she tells a coming-of-age story laced with hilarity. After working up the courage to tell her Muslim family that she was a lesbian, Sabrina learned that being true to herself and taking pride in her individuality would not only enhance her material as a comedian, but that ultimately it would lead to a happier life.


Choir!Choir!Choir!: “Because The Night” (performance)
Choir!Choir!Choir! is a no-commitment choir based in Toronto, co-founded by Nobu Adilman and Daveed Goldman. At TEDxToronto, fifty-four members of the choir took the stage, with Nobu and Daveed leading our audience in a one-thousand person sing-along to Patti Smith’s “Because The Night.” Meeting regularly to sing new arrangements of pop songs, Choir!Choir!Choir! boasts dedicated and passionate membership of inspired singers from in and around Toronto and has quickly become a citywide phenomenon.


Talks from TEDxToronto 2014 speakers Nav Bhatia, Jamil Jivani, Keith Vanderlinde and Rachel Parent can be viewed here. Stay tuned for additional talks being added in the coming weeks!


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