Gavin Sheppard Awarded a TED Fellowship

After speaking at TEDxToronto 2009, Gavin Sheppard, Founder of The Remix Project, was recruited to become a TED Fellow.

The TED Fellows participate in either the TED Conference in Long Beach, California or the TEDGlobal event in Oxford, U.K. In addition to attending the conferences, Fellows participates in specially designed pre-conference programs with training from the world's experts in spreading great ideas.

At only 25, Fellows were chosen to attend TED 2010. TED describes their Fellows as being paradigm-shifters, entrepreneurial, fluent in technology, and can run like the wind.

The intention is to bring together incredible change-makers to catalyze change and launch world-changing new initiatives.

Watch’s Gavin’s inspiring TEDxToronto talk from 2009, below.

Congratulations again, Gavin!

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