Meet the Sponsorship team

TEDxToronto is a not for profit event, and so sponsorship is an important part of the event. Meet the gentlemen who have been successful in bringing in 42 sponsor companies to fund a $200,000-costing event.

Paul Crowe

Paul Crowe is a founder and co-chair of TEDxToronto. He is constantly amazed by the incredible people that TEDx has brought into his life. He feels blessed to live in a city that has so much to offer and is excited to feel the energy that will come out of the 2010 event.

By day, he is Director of Digital Strategy at Extreme Group . He helps organizations bring ideas and business success to life in the digital world. This role challenges him to find new ways of solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities. For a longtime TED has been a resource for inspiration, education and entertainment. Being a part of TEDxToronto is his way of giving back to the city and movement he owes so much to.

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Jan Sterniczuk

Jan Sterniczuk is a Project Manager of Innovation at AstraZeneca and currently resides in London, England. A native of Saint John, New Brunswick, he’s a lover of all things outdoors, travel, and biotechnology.

Follow Jan at @sjanekRicky Mehra

Ricky Mehra is an innovation junkie. By day he consults for the healthcare industry, and by night he contemplates the future and the impact technology will have on life (artificial and organic) on earth.

Follow Ricky at @trickayrickayJosh Sookman

Josh Sookman was recently an Analyst at both RBC Venture Partners and the BlackBerry Partners Fund. These days, he’s also launching a new mobile technology startup called Guardly ( and co-curating the Toronto StartupDigest

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