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More Talks Released from Our 2013 Conference


We are thrilled to announce the release of more incredible TEDxTalks from our September 26, 2013 Conference.Rodolphe el-Khoury: More than ever before, the line between the digital and real worlds is increasingly blurred. Historically, computers and devices have functioned as a separate layer within our lives. Watch as architect Rodolphe el-Khoury describes a not-too-distant future in which “the internet of things” will become a reality. In this world, our homes, workplaces, and the objects within them will all be digitally connected, intelligent, and responsive.


Debbie Berlin-Romalis: As a clinical social worker at SickKids Hospital and a facilitator at Sheena’s Place, Debbie’s work is fraught with emotional challenges. In this talk, Debbie talks about the importance of honesty. She draws upon examples that show how honesty can be transformative for families faced with difficult realities. As well, she uncovers her own truth to the audience, demonstrating how critical self-honesty is to leading an authentic life.


Joel MacCharles: We live in a time and culture in which dialogue about food is more complex than ever before; food is at once accessible, disposable, commoditized, and fetishized. Watch as Joel MacCharles dispels myths about canning and preserving, helping us to understand how the traditional techniques of our forebears can be easier than we think as well as a time and money saver. At the same time, he exposes some unpleasant truths about the ingredients lists on the backs of food products at the supermarket. Steel yourself: you’re about to find out what “cochineal” and “castoreum” mean.


Red Sky: Opening the show, Canada’s leading company of world Indigenous performance in dance, theatre and music graced the Koerner Hall stage. Watch as two dancers create an emotional and spiritual narrative through motion. The athleticism, grace, and beauty of this polished performance, “Horse Dreaming Excerpt,” set the tone for the day and opened our minds to inspiration and possibility.


Thalmic Labs: As technology increasingly becomes an extension of us, Thalmic Labs has developed the gesture-based MYO band, a form of wearable computing that harnesses "electromyography sensors." These sensors detect the electrical activity generated by muscle contraction, combining it with an axis-motion sensor that tracks the movement and orientation of a person's arm. Watch the awe-inspiring, ground-breaking demonstration of this technology, wherein one of the company founders controls a helicopter onstage with only his arm.



Stay tuned as more TEDxToronto Talk videos will become available in the coming weeks.


The TEDxToronto Organizing Committee

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