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Moving Beyond Limits

Get to know your limits, then beat them

For the last few weeks, we’ve encountered unique measures that limit our mobility, routine, and social patterns. Outside of today’s particular circumstances, we are often limited by societal, cultural or even self-imposed pressures. But how do we navigate these impositions successfully? We hope this week’s talks inspire you to evaluate yourself and your world a little more closely.

Let’s meet on the other side of all this as who you want to be, without limitation.

The TEDxToronto Organizing Team


Our shared humanity

Our shared humanity.


America Ferrera My identity is a superpower — not an obstacle
America Ferrera
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“America implores us to remember that despite societal push back, if we want our dreams to be a reality we need to persevere. And maybe even embrace the qualities that society uses to confine us.” – Rita Zurbrigg, Curator and Speaker Coach


Overcoming adversity

Overcoming adversity.


Phil Hansen Embrace the shake
Phil Hansen
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“We often think of creativity as ideas that know no bounds. Ideas that are outside of the box. However, what if by embracing our limitations, we actually allow our creativity to flourish?” – Toota Hassanien, Curation and Coaching Team


Lightness and wonder

Lightness and wonder.


Nora Atkinson Why art thrives at Burning Man
Nora Atkinson
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“Impactful art doesn’t need to be constrained by price or prestige. Nora inspires you to rethink what is considered ‘art’.” – Rita Zurbrigg, Curator and Speaker Coach


Personal growth

Personal growth.


Jia Jiang What I learned from 100 days of rejection
Jia Jiang
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“Ready for a giggle? Jia takes us on his journey through rejection and shares some very real stories that reveal the magic of asking.” – Sara Urbina, Curator and Speaker Coach

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