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Nominate Yourself: Speak at TEDxToronto 2017

Nominate Yourself: Speak at TEDxToronto 2017

Do you have a big idea that you want to share with others? Or, has it always been a goal of yours to speak at a TEDx conference? This is the time to nominate yourself to be a speaker or performer at TEDxToronto 2017. Participating in the conference is a great opportunity to connect with a diverse audience and share your ideas.

Here’s why you should nominate yourself to speak at this year’s TEDxToronto conference:

You have a great story

We want to know what you’ve learned from your unique experiences. Tell us why your story is meaningful and needs to be shared with others. Personal stories resonate and encourage audiences to connect with your ideas on a deeper level.

You have groundbreaking ideas

If you have an innovative idea or work in a groundbreaking field that will benefit others, share it. The idea could be a new way of explaining a complex phenomenon, or it could increase awareness for new, disruptive research. The potential for your idea to positively influence others is limitless. We can’t wait to hear it.

You want to spread your message

If you are truly passionate about the work you are doing and believe it could be a catalyst for profound change, TEDxToronto is the ideal platform. Each year, 1,000 delegates attend the conference, thousands tune into the live-stream, and your talk lives on to be consumed by a global audience. By becoming a TEDxToronto speaker or performer, you can spread your message to a large network of other passionate individuals and encourage them to take action.

Remember, it is common practice for nominees to nominate themselves, so don’t be shy! After all, you can articulate your work and accomplishments better than anyone else.

If you’d like the opportunity to speak at TEDxToronto, we encourage you to submit your nomination today. Nominations will close on May 1st, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

TEDxToronto 2017 will take place on October 27th, at Evergreen Brick Works.

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