Nominations for 2013 Speakers, Performers & Demos to close on May 15

TEDxToronto is now in its 5th consecutive year, having established itself along the way as one of the top TEDx events around the world.

 Our 2013 conference, to be held September 26th at the Royal Conservatory of Music, has a potential for impact reaching far beyond our city and into the global community. And until May 15th, we’re looking for performers and demos that inspire and ignite the imagination.

 Captivating and original, a TEDx performance plays an important role in the day’s events by reminding us that not all ideas are vocalized the same way. Last year saw KRNFX & Elysha stun the crowd by blurring the lines (both literally and figuratively) between the sounds of man and machine.

 Also from 2012, Marcelo da Luz and the solar car provided a perfect example of technology in action. It was a learning experience for all of us who listened in amazement at the story of a flight attendant with no engineering background who slowly pieced together a world record-breaking vehicle.

 So plug us in Toronto! Who aren’t we seeing? Who’s missing? What ideas would make this the single greatest TEDx event of 2013?

If you think you or someone you know would make a great speaker, performer, or provide a great demo, please APPLY TODAY. Nominations will close on May 15.

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