Our first ever Saturday event

This year marks the first time in our 11-year history that we’re holding our event on a weekend. Why the change? We’re glad you asked:

1/ A chance to disconnect: Aren’t you more relaxed on a weekend? Instead of having to check in on what you’re missing at the office, you can truly disconnect and focus on our 12 incredible speakers, and everything you’re learning.

2/ Save your vacation days for vacation: Don’t worry about having to take a day off work. Save those precious vacation days for the beach!

3/ Because you asked: We pore over your feedback every year, because our volunteers create this experience for you, our community. So when we heard suggestions to hold the event on a weekend (for reasons #1 and #2), we listened, and booked Saturday October 26th!

Purchase your tickets at https://tedxtoronto.com/tickets/

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