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Partner Profile: Endloop Studios

Endloop Studios is the brilliant team who brought the TEDxToronto iPhone app to reality this year.

Endloop Studios is a boutique mobile development studio founded by Ken and Garry Seto that focuses on delivering highly engaging, innovative mobile experiences.  That's basically marketing-speak for: they only like to build cool stuff.  Their clients are brands, agencies and startups that place a high importance on creating apps that have truly rich, highly polished, compelling user experiences.

“We are extremely proud of our upcoming TEDxToronto iPhone app,” remarks Founder Ken Seto. “Not only did we set out to create an amazing companion app for the TEDxToronto conference, we also wanted to make sure it reflects this year's theme of 'A Call to Action'.”

To achieve this, they created a Twitter list for each talk in the schedule and during a talk, the app will let users add themselves to the list related to that talk.  It's a great way for people to engage others interested in the same topics during and after the conference.

Other innovative features include a dashboard screen with real-time schedule and Twitter feeds with auto-hashtagging (#TEDxToronto).

The app is now available in the Apple App store for download.

“Every app we ship is a result of a highly iterative design and development process.  We don't just create apps, we create mobile experiences,” says Seto.

On the work culture at Endloop

“Our office is pretty relaxed.  We have flex hours and people can work from home if they want to.  In our studio, design is iterative and collaborative.  It's everyone's priority is to make sure anything that the studio produces meets or exceeds our studio's high standards for quality, usability and design.”

On Endloop’s proudest accomplishments

“We're very proud of all our apps but obviously iMockups has really helped us get on the map.  It feels great to produce an app that others find useful and we love hearing stories and feedback from our customers on how it has become an essential part of their workflow.”

“In all honesty, we're actually quite proud of the TEDxToronto app.  We really pushed ourselves to bring something really unique to the feature-set and design of the app considering the very tight timelines and limited resources we had on hand.”

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