Partner Profile: Extreme Group

Extreme Group is an Interactive Agency built to be experts at brand and consumer interaction. For them, it isn't just about online and it isn't just about advertising. The goal is to look beyond and do whatever it takes to connect a client's brands with the consumers and audiences they are trying to reach.

"We value the importance of starting conversations and keeping them going. We believe in relationships rather than transactions and we always apply a simple, common sense approach to everything we do. Discovering the simple insight about your business that will leave a mark on your audience is what gets us up in the morning. We recognize it's a new era, where anyone and everyone with a computer and an opinion can have an impact on your brand. We're here to help. We help all of our clients embrace the new ways of communicating in order to bring their brands to life. Getting results through interaction is the goal. Anything goes", says Shawn King, Creative Director.

Some highlights of Extreme Group’s body of work include an anti-smoking campaign (“Great Reasons to Smoke” which was shortlisted in Cannes seven times), a workplace safety campaign for Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (won a bronze lion in Cannes as one of only three Canadian spots), and the recent opening of a Toronto office, a new venture for the Atlantic Canada company.

As a key partner of TEDxToronto, Extreme Group has been assistance in whatever way they can from providing collaboration space to design and creative resources. It just so happens as well that TEDxToronto Co-Chair Paul Crowe is Extreme Group’s Director of Digital Strategy.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the change, buzz and conversation that TEDxToronto will inevitably create”, added Paul Crowe.

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