Partner Profile: Idea Couture

Idea Couture is no average agency – in fact, they don’t call themselves an agency or consultancy at all. They’re a strategic innovation, consumer insights, and experience design firm. With a team built from d-school (design school) and b-school (business school) talent, Idea Couture has gathered passionate people from economics, anthropology, technical, and artistic backgrounds

There are no creative directors – everyone is a participant. There are no client directors – thinkers should be the leaders. Each individual that works in the firm wears two or more hats in core foundational areas. Coming on to 100 people on staff, Idea Couture holds a presence in Toronto (home office), San Francisco, Vancouver, Minneapolis, and Washington DC.

“We want to go and live and breathe with customers. The unarticulated customer needs are the ways to the future,” says Scott Friedman, Executive VP of Innovation and Service design.

On TEDxToronto:

“We’ve always been big fans of TED talks from the early days of the conference. As an innovation company, there’s always a natural pre-disposition to look at communities and places where innovation is taking place. It felt like a natural fit to get involved at a local level. Toronto is a great place to spark innovation, we’re excited to put this multicultural city on the map.”

Idea Couture’s project roster currently is inclusive of M.I.T.’s 150th Anniversary, opening a Shanghai Office, and TEDxToronto.

Learn more about Idea Couture at and their company blog, Noodle Play, at

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