Partner Profile: Jet Cooper

Jet Cooper is one to watch – just after their one year anniversary, the dynamic digital experience agency has made waves over the web community in Toronto. They call what they do “humanizing digital”. People come first and foremost to the agency, with their aim to create user-friendly, beautiful products for use online.

“In one word, I would describe the culture at Jet Cooper to be real. We’re casual, collaborative, and passion-led. We’re a mix of creative, technical and business professionals. We’re an integrative agency – our work isn’t a decentralized process”, says Satish Kanwar, Partner at Jet Cooper.

The clients of Jet Cooper are mostly start-up based, with 70% being with companies like SprouterScribbleLive, Guestlist, and My City Lives. Jet Cooper also works closely on special projects with progressive brands such as Holt Renfrew, Sauza Tequila, World Fishing Network and Canadian Youth Business Foundation. Alongside their client work, they heavily support community initiatives such as Pay It Backwards Day, Twestival, and TEDxToronto.

Upon release, the website garnered strong positive attention for the design and build.

“No detail was spared – we took on every inch of the website to ensure that it reflected the values of TED. We really looked at the project as a piece of digital art. It’s a meaningful campaign for the city, really – Jet Cooper partnered with TEDxToronto to create not just a website, but a wholesome experience across all touch points. It had to be consistent and speak to the quality of work that TEDx puts forth”, remarks Kanwar.

What is Jet Cooper looking forward to at TEDxToronto on September 30th?

“I got involved last year personally as a volunteer, and I would’ve done anything to be in that room. Jet Cooper really believes in the conference, how it brings together people across industries under one theme. The event will be amazing, with a high caliber of speakers and individuals attending. It’s all about those people”, says Kanwar.

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