Partner Profile: TheBizMedia

“It’s an art and a science”, assures Guy Gal of TheBizMedia, a Toronto-based video content development company. “The art part of the company is the vision, look and direction, the science is our production team, best practices, years of experience, our research and development”.

As they continue to define new standards for online video content, TheBizMedia (started by Justin Brennon Smith and Dan Demsky) is increasingly being recognized for it's innovation, thought leadership and portfolio. And it's no surprise when you look at the videos they produced for TEDxToronto.

“Video is a medium of communication – it connects us in the best possible way next to seeing each other in person. Only video can be scaled. TEDxToronto is a 300 person event, but once we point cameras on it and broadcast live, it can be experienced by thousands of people. ”, enthuses Gal. “If you think about it, YouTube is just five years old – and it's going to become more and more socially, culturally and commercially significant as it realizes it's full potential.”

Most important to the success of TheBizMedia is the team. It's very much a family, with great talents like Andrew Cariboni and Diego Turro.

“We’re all incredibly lucky to be in Toronto – as a city we are rich in opportunity and potential. It’s the best city in the world."

TheBizMedia’s TEDxToronto works have been no small undertaking. Donating hundreds of hours of work to produce a TEDx event where every speaker and major sponsor share their stories through video, TheBizMedia will have produced over 40 videos by the end of October. They're also producing the live stream on the day of the event, which can be seen on September 30th at 9AM at

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