Prepare to be surprised at TEDxToronto 2019

As anyone who has attended a TEDx event will tell you, there is always a talk or two that comes out of nowhere. A speaker that they’d never heard of who totally owns the stage. Or a topic that they’d never spent any time thinking about before they arrived, but can’t get out of their head for weeks—months even—after the event is over.

That’s the power of the global TED movement.

All of our speakers are experts in their fields. But they aren’t necessarily household names. It’s about the idea they have, not their personal fame or notoriety. And these aren’t canned speeches—ones trotted out time and again. They’re originals. Each based on a spark of an idea that is deeply meaningful to the individual speaker and honed over four months with an expert coach who is equally passionate about what lies at the heart of the talk. It’s no wonder these talks have the power to surprise—and are so memorable.

We asked members of this year’s organizing committee to share a few TEDxToronto talks from over the years that stuck with them. Consider this a mini playlist to get you warmed up for this year:

What talk will deeply impact you on October 26th? There’s only one way to find out:

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