Recap: TEDxToronto Salon Series on the evolving culture of sharing

The acts of sharing or bartering aren’t new phenomena. But what’s changing is the growth of technology, and how it impacts the way we access and exchange the things we consume.

This was the topic that launched our first TEDxToronto Salon Series, The Evolving Culture of Sharing, which kicked off on Tuesday, July 10 at the ING DIRECT Café Downtown Toronto. The event brought together 50 of Toronto’s power thinkers to share their perspectives on collaborative consumption.

After watching a TED talk from TEDxSydney called The case for collaborative consumption, attendees heard from our inaugural moderator, Sam Fiorella, Partner and Chief Customer Experience Strategist at Sensei Marketing. Fiorella challenged participants to consider the consequences of global sharing and its impact on the world’s economy.

“Is collaborative consumption a blip or a trend, and can it be economically stable? Is global sharing a viable way to live for all of us? Is it realistic?” he said at the event,

So, TEDsters: We want to hear from you. Is collaborative consumption a fleeting trend or a core aspect of human nature? Keep the debate going by voicing your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

TEDxToronto would like to thank our Salon sponsors, Barberian’s Steak House, ING DIRECT Café and Steam Whistle Brewing, who helped create a fun and interactive environment.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming TEDxToronto Salon Series in August.

TEDxToronto Salon Series take place once a month, and provide an interactive space for Torontonians to share innovative ideas and discuss current events.

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