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Relaunch of Steve Mann’s TEDxToronto Talk

It is with great pleasure that we announce the re-release of Dr. Steve Mann's TEDxToronto Talk. As part of the first round of videos made available from this year's TEDxToronto conference, we released Dr. Mann's talk to the public. Unfortunately, we were advised shortly thereafter by TED that due to the length of Dr. Mann's talk, we were required to provide an edited version for the Official TEDxTalks YouTube channel that better conformed to the standard 18-minute TEDxTalk format.

In this edited version of the talk, the thesis and core content of Dr. Mann's talk remains:

However, we're thrilled to also offer the unedited 32 minute version for those who would like to see the original talk in its entirety:

We hope that you will watch one or both of the above versions of Dr. Mann's Talk. In his Talk, he addresses the digital capture and recording of our everyday lives, the social, political and legal implications of this shift, and what he calls "The Veillance Contract: An integrity protocol for the cyborg age.”

Since his delivery of the Talk, there has been much discussion in our community about its subject matter. Our hope is that with its relaunch, the conversation will continue.



The TEDxToronto Organizing Committee


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