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Ryan Merkley Demos Popcorn Maker at TEDGlobal

We are so proud to announce former TEDxToronto Co-Chair and Mozilla Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Merkley’s TED Talk which was presented with a live demo of  Popcorn Maker at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh on June 29th.

Debuting today on TED.com, this talk on Popcorn Maker, an online tool developed as part of Mozilla's Webmaker program, makes it easy for anyone to add live content to any video — photos, maps, social media feeds and more, showcasing Popcorn's potential to change the way the world tells stories on the web.

Watch a remixed TEDTalk using Popcorn Maker — and remix it yourself!

"Video arrived on the web in a small box, separated from the incredible data and content all around it," says Merkley. "Popcorn changes all of that. Videos created with Popcorn behave like the rest of the web — dynamic, full of links, completely remixable, and finally able to break out beyond the box."

Watch Ryan’s Talk on Popcorn Marker and learn more about this incredible tool.

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