Sabrina Jalees’ TEDxToronto Talk is Both Hilarious and Inspiring

Source: MuchMusicDate of publication: Oct 17, 2014sabrina6

If you’ve watched Video On Trial, you’ll understand why we love comedian Sabrina Jalees so much. Her quick wit and hilarious commentary on music videos were always so on-point that we just kept asking her back season after season. Jalees is not only funny on air, though; she has also proven herself onstage performing for audiences everywhere including a recent stint opening for Broad City in Toronto!

That’s not all: Jalees was also invited to present a TEDx Talk in Toronto this month. The talk was entitled “How Living More Honestly Leads To A Better Life” and it’s a combination of humour, real life experiences and a really important lesson in being comfortable in your own skin. Jalees talks about accepting her own identity whether it was her Muslim background or the fact that she is gay. The subject matter was serious, but Jalees eased it all with her signature voice of humour. It’s definitely a must-see for everyone.

Watch Sabrina Jalees’ TEDxToronto Talk below!


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