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Something to Brighten Up Your Day

“To our TEDxToronto community,

This is an overwhelming time for so many of us. We’re all feeling anxious about our loved ones, and our community. And we’re all struggling with a staggering amount of news stories and social media that may not be providing what we need most during this challenging time.

We’d like to offer some help. For decades, the global TED movement has been a platform for ‘ideas worth spreading’. And in this moment of global challenge, it might be just the best thing we can do to detach a little bit from the day-to-day news, step back, and take in some ideas that remind us of our shared humanity, ability to overcome challenges, immerse ourselves in wonder, or just crack a smile.

Over the next few days, our curators will be sharing some of their favourite talks with you. We hope that during this difficult time, they’ll offer a moment of inspiration, and remind you of the best that we, and the world have to offer. Scroll below for our first four.”

Kapil & Gill

TEDxToronto Co-Chairs


Our shared humanity

Our shared humanity.


You are not alone in your loneliness
Jonny Sun

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“The illustrations in this talk are deceptively simple at first glance but they beautifully illustrate the power of collective loneliness. This talk is a gentle reminder of the power of leaning into our vulnerabilities as a source of comfort.” – Marinela, Co-Lead Curation Coaching Team


Overcoming adversity

Overcoming adversity.


Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll How I learned to read — and trade stocks — in prison
Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll

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“Curtis connects emotionality to financial decisions, and provides a unique perspective on how literacy can change our decision making. His ability to overcome adversity is inspiring, leaving the viewer encouraged to improve their financial literacy and help others.” – Rita Zurbrigg, Curator


Lightness and wonder

Lightness and wonder.


Yve Blake For the love of fangirls
Yve Blake

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“We dare you to watch this video and not smile from ear-to-ear.  Yve’s energy is absolutely infectious, and she directs it at something you probably never think about: why fangirls are just the most amazing and inspirational group of people you’ll come across.” – Kapil Khimdas, Co-Chair


Personal growth

Personal growth.


Alison Ledgerwood A simple trick to improve positive thinking
Alison Ledgerwood

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“Alison provides a simple way to help re-frame spiraling negativity into a positive outlook. Has she unlocked the key to focusing on the upside?” – Rita Zurbrigg, Curator

Be sure to check back next week for more curated content from our TEDxToronto community.

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