We'd like to make you aware of an opportunity to have another great TEDx day. It's the TEDxIBYork conference taking place at the Ontario Science Centre on November 11. Another chance to be inspired, informed and entertained. With a twist – half the audience will be invited high school students studying in the International Baccalaureate program, a curriculum shared by 3,000 schools around the world.

There’ll be an eclectic group of more than 20 speakers, musicians and dancers to stimulate your mind and excite your spirit, including:

  • Ben Gulak – Young Inventor Extraordinaire, TED Fellow
  • Dr. Kieran Murphy – Neuroradiologist, Medical Device Inventor, Race Car Driver
  • Juliana Rotich – Social Media Innovator, African Activist, TED Fellow
  • Bob Richards – Founder of the International Space University
  • Mark Terry – Polar Explorer and Documentary Filmmaker
  • Ray Zahab – Internationally Recognized Endurance Athlete
  • Cleo Paskal – Geopolitical Analyst of the Results of Climate Change
  • David Silverberg – Spoken Word Poet
  • Pat Senson – Author of the Quirks and Quarks Guide to Animal Sex and Other
  • Weird Behaviour
  • Frank Russo – Cognitive Scientist, Inventor of the Emoti-Chair
  • Rob McEwen – Innovator and Leader, Member of the Order of Canada
  • Lishai – Slam Poet

In all, there are over 20 speakers. You’ll get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack food at breaks, a gala party in the Science Centre Hot Zone, and free parking for the $100 fee.

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