TEDxToronto: An Experience Like No Other

Source: Digital Open ConceptDate of publication: Aug 7 2014


I’ve been a fan of TED talks for some time now. I love the stories and the people who work so hard to convey them to the audience. The art of presenting is something I am obsessed with. I admire those that can get up in front of a crowd, channel their nerves and present a message that can put that crowd into the palm of their hand. It takes hours and hours of preparation, experience and failure to become truly great. What’s special about TED is that the story of the person delivering the talk is just as important as the message itself. It’s the deliverer of the message and how life has shaped them that makes it special. Everyone has a story, a message that defines who they are. TED provides a platform for these people to tell the world their message.

TEDxToronto 2013

Last year I had the honour and privilege of attending my first TED conference,TEDxToronto. The event was held at the beautiful Royal Conservatory of Music. Going to the event I knew no one and didn’t know what to expect and how the day would unfold. What I didn’t realize was that the experience would be like no other I have ever had. The whole day I sat in an auditorium listening to some tremendous people with some powerful messages. I listened to Gabrielle Scrimshaw, a young woman who educated me on the struggles of Aboriginals in Canada; I was riveted byMark Henick as he told us about his battle with depression and suicide and one of my favourite talks was by Dr. Steve Mann, the father of the original technology behind Google Glass. I met and connected with interesting people during the break sessions and at the after-party. Networking is one of the main purposes of the day and is strongly encouraged to make the entire TED experience complete.

TEDxToronto 1

TEDxToronto 2014

This year, TEDxToronto returns to the Royal Conservatory of Music on Thursday, October 2nd. They are accepting delegate applications until Thursday, September 4th at 11:59PM. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated throughout this time and all applicants will be contacted in batches before Monday September 15th, 2014. If your application is accepted, you will be sent a link to purchase a ticket for the event at the cost of $150. I strongly encourage you to apply and experience this event for yourself. It’s one thing seeing it online but being part of it live takes it to another level. This year’s theme is ‘Relentless Pursuits‘ The first set of speakers has been announced and it’s shaping out to be a day you cannot miss.


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