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TEDxToronto Talks on Technology You Must Watch

TEDxToronto Talks on Technology You Must Watch

Technologies are the material manifestations of legacies. We shape our tools, and as a result, they continue to shape us. Borrowing McLuhan’s seminal aphorism, medium is the message, we must understand technologies as more than just vessels that transmit information. Instead, we must see technology as information itself. The very technologies we produce are a reflection of the kind of world we exist in.

The technologies of the past have brought us to where we are today. The technologies of the present will affect what will come tomorrow. Where do we see technology evolving in the future? We’ve collected a series of TEDxToronto technology talks from a wide range of sectors, from transportation to virtual reality and surveillance.

Ryan Janzen | The future of transportation

Salim Ismail | How do we fix civilization?

Tarek Ibrahim | Making personal aviation a reality

Brian Cugelman | Feedback psychology and digital persuasion

David Fleet | Teaching computers to see

Ana Serrano | Life inside the bubble of a virtual reality world

Thalmic Labs | The future of gesture control

Dr. Steve Mann | Wearable computing and the veillance contract

Matthew Ingram | Five ways new media will save old media

Steven Woods | Google's vision for a mobile web

Farhan Thawar | Redefining mobile application technology

Ted Sargent | Redefining nanotechnology

Nicholas Schiefer | Redefining the word

Inspired by their ideas? There’s more to come. The 2017 TEDxToronto conference will take place on October 27th at Evergreen Brick Works. You won’t want to miss it. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

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