Toronto’s TED Fellow

Written By: Gloria Chik, @urbanebloc

As TEDxToronto’s resident TED fellow and Co-chair, Gavin Sheppard has had the opportunity to mix amongst the brightest of “TED Heads”, attend workshops on how to deliver engaging content, and participate in what he deems to be “mind-blowing” presentations. As the founder of The Remix Project, a program geared towards educating youth in Toronto about arts, media, and business, Gavin suggests that he contributes to the TED mission in the “ED”.

“Entertainment and Design – it’s about the alternative education experience and helping youth reach their potential”

Speaking to this at the first TEDxToronto event made quite an impression on representatives of TED from New York Head Offices, where he was approached afterwards to submit himself as a candidate for the fellowship program.

“They asked some pretty large questions during the process. Things like ‘how are you trying to change the world’ to which I could only answer with, ‘listening and not trying to be a hero’. It definitely sparked some heavy thoughts.”

After Gavin’s success with the program, he brings back the licensing rights to hosting TEDxToronto.

“I now better understand the inner workings and the sheer production efforts that are invested in creating a TED conference. Now that Toronto is officially on the mark for TEDxToronto, it really brings us to a global stage. This year’s setting at the Glenn Gould Studio is a fantastic pick – we’ll have interesting speakers, great entertainers, and the acoustics and production within the space are brilliant”

Where will you find Gavin during TEDxToronto 2010?

“My role this year is to take control of programming the entertainment side. We’ll be able to showcase some of the amazing Toronto talent, some of which are from Remix. It’s going to truly be an exciting mix of individuals”

Watch’s Gavin’s inspiring TEDxToronto talk from 2009.Learn more about The Remix Project.

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