What to Look Forward to at TEDxToronto 2018

The conference is almost here and we’re excited to give delegates a sneak peek beyond the speakers and performances. This year’s live experiences and activations will leave delegates feeling recharged and ready to absorb all the inspiration on conference day. Here’s an overview of everything going on at TEDxToronto 2018.


Dr. Blecher

Guest Speaker: Dr. Peter Blecher

With the topic of cannabis taking over the headlines, we have invited Dr. Blecher to give a special talk. Dr. Blecher will distinguish between cannabis as a recreational drug and its medicinal use, and he will discuss the role of medical cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain and other conditions. He will also share his insights on developing a cannabis workplace policy. Dr. Blecher will be speaking at TEDxToronto between 12:30-1:00 p.m in the BMO Atrium. Seats will be limited for this talk.


Troupe Logo

AI for Networking

Troüpe.AI is a Toronto based startup that uses AI to help solve an age-old event problem: How do I meet the people that matter? Event attendees hope for serendipity to find and meet someone that matters. Troüpe.AI facilitates serendipity by matching and connecting attendees based on their expertise, needs, and desires.


Mindset Brain Gym Logo

Meditation Studio

Need to recharge and refocus during the conference? MINDSET brain gym, Canada’s first mental fitness studio, will be on-site offering mini guided mindfulness meditation sessions with live neuro-feedback throughout the day.


Foodora Logo

Order Food You Love

foodora is an on-demand food delivery service. Before, or during the conference, download the foodora app on the App Store or Google Play, take the food identity quiz via the app, and then receive a free treat at their booth and a voucher to use on some of Toronto’s most delicious and prestigious restaurants!


Page Activations Logo

Ready, Set, Pose!

Page Activations is powering the exclusive photo experience at this year’s conference where it captures a single moment in time from six different angles. This uses the newest technologies to stitch these photos together and creates an incredible 3D animated video.


TKS Logo

The Knowledge Society (TKS)

TKS is an accelerator program that exposes students aged 13-17 to emerging technology and sciences to solve some of the world’s hardest problems. Their developments in Virtual Reality, Nanotech, and Machine Learning will be on display for delegates to explore and discover. Members of TKS have worked with well-known organizations such as Microsoft and Mount Sinai Hospital to make tremendous strides forward in healthcare, solar energy and more.


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